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Intro and Rules

This community is for people who would like to share their original poems, stories, quotes, or anything that involves arts of the mind. Just follow some simple rules:

Love Props!

What are love props? Love props are what you get for your poems, stories, art, etc. The more love props you get the better chance you get in becoming member of the month and getting your work recognized. Love props range from 1-5 props. 1 being the lowest and five being the highest. Want to give love props? Put the number of how many love props you want to give in the subject line in your reply along with any comment you would like to add. Remember, only numbers 1-5 will be counted. You giving someone love props automatically gives you 1/2 love props, too!

  • No rude comments of any sort. We only accept helpful comments.

  • No acting obnoxious. If we find you intolerable we will band you.

  • Not much rules. Just enjoy yourself!


    Every month a member will be spolighted on their work. To become a member of the month all you have to do it post your work! All post will be reviewed by me, so don't worry. The member I pick will be interviewed with questions and highlighted in the community. So show your best work!

    June MOTM: Will be announce on 6-30-05

    Members with Love Props:

  • None yet!


    Right now we are looking for mods. We want people who will help out the community in anyway (such as promoting). Also, we want our mods to be able to help others in their literature. Do this and you may just be asked to become a mod!

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