Becky (01becky) wrote in 00lovehate00,

Poem: Psychosis

Voices take over my mind and plague my soul,
Delve deep to the core until I loose control,
Can’t shake them off, can’t run and hide,
They’re surrounding me and I’m breaking inside.
Staring down the path, can’t help but listen,
As the taunts become louder, my eyes start to glisten,
I quicken my pace, as I fight back the tears,
Pull my hood up, try to block out my fears.

Dark figures are stalking me behind every tree,
Using passers by to gain on me,
Never free it seems, almost too much to bare,
Constantly living in this horrific nightmare.
Now everyone is staring with their piercing eyes,
They’re all out to get me but they’re all in disguise,
Secretly plotting they’ll get me one day,
Please God keep me safe from these demons I pray.

I jump on the bus, eyes down, head low,
Must not think badly, I’m surrounded they’ll know,
I pass a crying toddler whilst the mother scolds her,
And before I could stop it, the words entered ‘bad mother’.
They pierced through my mind like a mortal curse,
Amplified by invisible speakers, throughout the bus,
No one looks up too offended to speak,
I hurry off the bus as shame reaches it’s peak.

A light rain begins to fall as I look up to the sky,
And I collapse onto my knees, I have made the Lord cry,
I plead for his forgiveness and now my own tears flow,
As a spirit appears smiling, and beckons for me to follow.
She leads me to a station, but now the voices have returned,
I’m trembling uncontrollably and people have gathered all concerned,
They’re frantic words are muffled by a more sinister sounding tone,
Demanding that I end my life for in this world I am alone.

The spirit leaves my side as I enter the station,
Now knowing my fate, no more hesitation,
I shiver as I hear the low steady rumble,
Down the last step onto the platform I stumble.
Up to the forbidden hazardous yellow line,
A warning sounds, it’s just in time,
“Now” scream the voices, and in front of the train,
I jump at last and end my pain.
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