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To my dearest friend,

To my dearest friend,
You could've have sad goodbye. It was the last day of school, you could've said goodbye. No, you stared with your big blue eyes, but you never spoke... never moved. And then you watched, as I turn and run into the bathroom. A secruity blanket for sorrowful times in the school yards, and cried. You watched me, but did you act? Comfort the girl you've known since september, the girl who loves you, the girl you once loved a long time ago? No. You watch. We have drifted apart, and you have fallen for her. The barriers of social conflict inbetween us are at large, but if I call you can here me, no? The sorrow withen my heart I cannot express with song or poetic stanzas, but with inspiring words to unkown onlookers reading this lovely note to you. This lovely note which will never be deliverd. Never spoke of. And know as I ask would you die for me, I do not want you to answer with the reply I desire to hear but with the truth  breaking free of your lips. Would you take a bullet to the heart for me, as I for you? Or are we too young for trust, like we are to love? Are we too young to make bonds stronger than the arms of mother nature herself? Are we? Would you? And though you find my preaches dramtic and slightly humorouse I say: Belive them, for they only have one message. I love you, friend, you must understand that becuase one day the sorrow within me might take me away in a beat of a heart. And then nothing can take me back. I say this becuase you tought me one thing, Nothing last forever.   

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