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untitled #3

My eyes open again,
Harsh wind beating against the house
On this cold Christmas night,

I hestate a bit before drawing the curtains on my sight,
Knowing full well that when I do
You’ll gracefully take the stage,
Your dance telling the tale of our love,

Gentle brushstroke steps at first,
Timid and taken with care,
Acclerates steadily,
The quickening beat of my heart the metronome,
Routine begins to flow smoothly
Even though it’s always a been a little different each time,

Without warning you come to a
Looking around you appear frantic,
And as if a draft blew in you clutch your arms
Shivering as the spotlight fades to black

Applauses rises forth from the audience,
Snapping open are my eyes again,
In the darkness silence is
B r o k e n by the clapping of the harsh wind

Pulling the blankets over my chattering teeth,
I curl up clutching my arms
And close my eyes again
*cue the curtain*
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